Who says it’s lonely at the top?

Welcome to Pooch of NYC

I am Agador, hear my silent roar….

Thank you darlings for taking this journey with me. You’ve followed me on IG, TikTok, and Facebook. Now I have
a website all my own thanks to Poppa (shout out to you Pops!) Let’s rock this thing out!

Watch me as I
“move the needle…”


Dre sold Beats for a billion and decided to step down, he began looking for a replacement to take his crown, he looked west, south, north and they all had flaws, then heard me on the 1s and 2s and told the rest to have a seat and take a “paws” for the cause!

What outfits and scenery would you like to see me in? Get on my Photo Suggestion List and I might pick your idea.