Project Description

I estimate I’m surrounded by 27 million snowflakes; give or take three or four million. I’ve traveled all over this beautiful blue marble of ours and I’ve seen many snowflakes in many countries. No matter how many there are, it is said that each and every one of them is different, special, and unique and they all have a purpose, to freeze my tush off!

Please remember this babies; just like all of these snowflakes surrounding me, you too are unique and special and don’t let anyone ever tell you any different. You have been given a gift which makes you a gift to this planet, to all of us. Hopefully it’s not to freeze my tush off. Whatever that “thing” is that has people call you weird or odd about, that my loves is your gift. They’re only calling you weird because it’s unique, they don’t see it often.

The next time someone calls you odd; simply smile and say; “Thank you for recognizing the uniqueness in me”, and then warmly suggest; “Let’s discuss what’s unique about you”. The late great and awesome Bruce Le said; “Be water my friend”. I say, be a snowflake….