Project Description

Pappa promised when I got to 200,000 followers on TikTok I could pick out any book I wanted at Bauman’s. For over a few months I had my eye on the first edition of Stuart Little, that is exceptionally rare as it was signed by E.B. White himself. Between you and me, I actually wanted “Is Sex necessary?” but it was sold before I could get to it. Elwyn definitely had a way with pen and ink, even his editorials for the New Yorker were phenomenal.

I love coming to the park on an early spring day and posting up with my blanket and book. I can spend hours reading and getting absolved by the adventures of Mr. Little. I have to admit, sometimes I’m more enthralled by White’s signature than the story itself. He’s actually the reason why I’m considering Cornell.

I know I’m a few years from college yet, so until then, I’ll continue to grow my following, to get more books, and layout on my blanket to be inspired by literary geniuses so one day I can pen out my own classic novel.