Project Description

Seinfeld. Season 7. Episode 5. The Hot Tub.

I find it intriguing that one of the most popular shows ever, had the tag line that it was about “nothing”. There were a lot of funnies in those 9 seasons of nothing.

I remember The Hot Tub episode in which the marathon runner Jean Paul Jean Paul had overslept for the marathon in the Olympics he was competing in and missed the entire race. In the episode he was running the New York City Marathon and Elaine was in charge of getting him to the race on time. Long story short, they made it but barely.

I’m in training for the 26.2 mile run and I’ll be damned if I oversleep and miss the marathon after all the hours of preparation and dedication I’ve put in for this race. I have five fail safe alarm clocks in place waiting to make sure I get up hours before the race.

They say a good finishing time is 4:20:00, I’m shooting for 4:19:00.