My Philsophy


Back in 1988 B.D.P. (Boogie Down Productions) released the hit song “My Philosophy”. Part of the hook has a voice repeating “I think very deeply”. Trust me babies, I’ve thought long and hard about this. It seems to come up most when I’m on photo shoots in between takes.

I believe in living life with intention and purpose, making mindful choices about how I spend my time and energy on things that will bring me joy and fulfillment. This means investing in relationships with those who matter most, picking up new skills and hobbies along the way, and staying true to my values.

Above all else, I take full responsibility for my actions or inactions. I refuse to give my power away and strive to improve the pooch staring at me in the mirror every morning.

Between love and madness comes obsession


The Values


Values provide stability when the world around us feels out of control, allowing us to stay grounded in our beliefs while still allowing room for growth and change. No matter what path you choose, living a life according to your own unique set of values can bring you deep satisfaction and purpose.



Remember to always make
time for the little things! Gatherings, conversation, and laughter all make for memorable times 🤗😃💛



Pam Grier
Bob Ross
Ben Wallace
Jill Scott



There’s no greater love
than trust. It takes only a
moment to lose it and
many moments to gain it back



Finding your passion can be an inspiring and challenging journey 🚀💜✨ It’s worth the effort to discover something that brings you joy and fulfillment! 🤩



✨Let us come together as one and celebrate the diversity of our LGBTQ+ community 🌈No matter who you are, love is love 💛



Nothing beats starting the day with a morning sunrise 🌅🤩 Who else loves to take in that first blush of light and make each day count? 🙋‍♀️